Featured Item For October 16, 2013

Shawn Kemp – Back In The Day He Was The Man

There was a time when Shawn Kemp rookie cards were nearly as sought after as Michael Jordan rookie cards; before the weight, before the children, before the substance abuse, Shawn Kemp was a bona fide superstar.  The early and mid 1990′s found him leading the Seattle Supersonics to the NBA Finals; in 1996 they took the historically good Chicago Bulls to six games.  Despite a disappointing end to his career, he was on Dream Team II – which won gold at the 1994 World Basketball Championships – playing alongside the likes of Reggie Miller, Shaquille O’Neal, and Alonzo Mourning.  A blast from the past!


Featured Item For September 25, 2012

1984 Election RONALD REAGAN Trucker Cap Collectable

Just in time for Election Season: a vintage Ronald Reagan Trucker Cap from the 1984 election!  If Obama and Romney are not your preferred choice for 2012, or if you just yearn for a past time when politics wasn’t so ugly, this may be the hat for you!  Whether you are a staunch supporter of the GOP, a Reagan Democrat, or just a collector of election memorabilia, this red, white, and blue mesh cap would be a worthy addition to your collection!

Featured Item For September 22, 2012

Vintage GIVENCHY GENTLEMAN “XXX” Brown Necktie For Lion

Retro Designer Necktie: Retro Color. Retro Design. Timeless Designer. This tie has the whole package for the collector of vintage designer ties.  Givenchy Gentleman Paris made for “Lion.”  We have no idea who “Lion” is but we are thankful that they sold this tie!  The tie is a chocolate brown with alternating diagonal stripes.  The two differing stripes are: 1) A raised geometric pattern, and 2) Diagonal squares with “XXX” in the middle (in white) and an orange block above and below the “XXX.”  This tie measures in at 3 inches wide and 59.5 inches long.  It is made of polyester, so we cannot rule the 1970′s out for the decade of manufacture!  All in all, a terrific tie, and at a great price for a couture designer accessory that is perfect for the rapidly approaching Fall Season!

Featured Item For September 20, 2012

Vintage Wool Plaid DISNEYLAND Necktie By PENDLETON

Pendleton clothing is fantastic; so is Disneyland. Combine them both in a Plaid necktie and you may have the perfect Fall accessory! This wool tie is from the Frontierland Exhibit at Disneyland. It is on the narrow side at a little less than 3.5 inches. Frontierland at Disneyland features the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain rides. Frontierland is one of the original themed “lands” of Disneyland, dating back to 1955. Pendleton was one of the original tenants of the theme park and remained on site until 1990.  The store no longer exists but you can still own a piece of Disneyland history!

Featured Item For September 18, 2012


Vintage Sears Wile E. Coyote Arc de Triomphe Necktie

We love neckties here at Media Wranglers; skinny, wide, silk, or polyester, as long as they are interesting and enhance our style we’ll buy them at the drop of a hat.  Here is a great example of a tie that combines a great retro look and collect-ability.  Made by Arc de Triomphe and sold by Sears, this vintage wide necktie was officially licensed by Warner Bros. It features a repeating diagonal pattern of Wile E. Coyote and is in navy blue.  The tie is 4 inches wide and 57.5 inches long.  This is the perfect tie for devotees of ’70′s neckwear (it would look great with a retro wide lapel) or collectors of Looney Tunes cartoon characters!